The CMA consists of more than 50 companies, representing 54% of the total turnover of the sector inGalicia. Companies that are part of the CMA in 2010 recorded a combined turnover of about 1,000 million euros. The CMA companies are enduring the crisis better than the whole industry ofGalicia, as they have suffered a decline of 0.9% in turnover compared to 2010, while the sector as a whole experienced a 1.2%. TheGaliciahas a timber industry pioneer in the development of products domestically and internationally, as well as companies that are leaders in design and innovation.

1. Sawmill

Carronza, S.L.

Costiña S.L.

Hermanos García Rocha S.L.

Maderas Cajaraville S.L.

Maderas Goiriz S.L.

Maderas Gómez Orense S.L.

Maderas Teixeiro, S.L.

Serrerías Rodríguez S.L.

2. Carpentry

AGM Ebanistas S.L.U.

Aliusporta, S.L..

Camuyde S.L.

Carpintería Ramón García S.L.

Ebanistería Allariz S.L.

Grupo Todomadera Vino, S.L.

Hijos de Juan Vilas S.L.

Industrias Cándido Hermida S.L.

Laminados Villapol S.A.

Maderas Besteiro

Maderas Ornanda S.A.

Maderas Sampayo S.A.

Molduras del Noroeste S.L.

Otero Transformación Maderera S.A.  

Puertas Betanzos

3. Veneer and board

Betanzos HB

FINSA, Financiera Maderera, S.A. 

Industrias Losán S.A.

4. Forestal

Biomasa Forestal

Grupo García Forestal, S.L.

Maderas Villapol S.A.

5. Furniture

Galopín Parques S.L.

Muebles Castiñeira S.L.

Muebles Fecama S.L.


6.Pasta and paper


ENCE (Energía & Celulosa)

7. Services

Agroamb Prodalt S.L.U.

E-Monte Solucións Forestais, S.L.

Madera Plus Calidad Forestal, S.L.

Pérez Torres Marítima S.L. 

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, USC 

Plataforma da Enxeñería da Madeira Estrutural, PEMADE