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20/09/13 The CMA honors the Acor  (Perillo) Pool on the World Day for Sustainable Construction. NP 23-09-13

28/06/13 The Cma presents its policy with its sights set on Europe. NP 28-06-13

03/06/13 The CMA organized a Seminary on Energy Efficiency NP 04-06-13

14/05/13 Clusters of wood and furniture in Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque Country team up to offer competitive. NP Convenio Clusters Galicia, Cataluña, Pais Vasco

22/02/2013 Másmadera Conferences, practical examples of wood rehabilitation. NP 21-03-13

072/13 The CMA organizes the Seventh Conference on Architecture and Design NP 13-02-13

21/01/13  The CMA and Forestry signed a collaboration agreement to enhance training, R & D and the employment of new professionals NP Convenio Uvigo

31/10/12 The CMA joins the AT Cluster Compostela space to become more competitive and share synergies NP 31-10-12

17/09/13 A Vaquería honored at the World Day for Sustainable Construction. NP 21-09-12.pdf

13/06/12 Descarga la nota de prensa sobre la presentación de las ayudas a la I+D y a la inversión del Igape, Xesgalicia y CMA

27/04/12 Descarga la nota de prensa de la asamblea ordinaria

Download images of the ordinary assembly

20/04/12 Descarga la nota de prensa del proyecto Optiwood

23/02/12 Descarga la nota de prensa del congreso Rok-FOR

10/02/12 Descarga la nota de prensa de la asamblea extraordinaria

Download images of the extraordinary assembly