Honorary members of the CMD

In 2009, the Cluster da Madeira deGaliciaestablished figure honorary member to highlight advocacy and commitment to the use of wood by individuals, institutions or business groups.

So far, the CMA has 5 honorary members who have opted for this natural material

 Otero Pombo CMA

Xosé Otero Pombo, honorary member in 2009 

The first honorary member of the CMA could not be another person as Xosé Otero Pombo, for their valuable work and commitment in promoting the use of wood as a building material throughout his long career.

Otero Pombo has in the wood one of the fundamental axes on which his works rest.

Download the dossier of his work in pdf


Xosé Lois Martínez, honorary member in 2010

Architect and researcher at theUniversityofA Coruña, Xosé LoisMartinezhas in the wood a reference in his works , both professional and academic. Impeller and defender of numerous projects realized in this material.

In addition, Lois Xosé was characterized by performing a defense convinced of this material in all his public speeches.

 Consorcio de Santiago CMA

Consorcio de Santiago de Compostela, honorary member in 2011

In its third edition, the recognition of honor partner went to the Consortium of Santiago de Compostela for having in the wood a reference in the rehabilitation of historic buildings and promotes making a defense convinced of this material to society.

The Consortium has transmitted a perfect importance for building a historic city sustainable and respectful of the environment and promotion of new personalities that are committed to this material.

 Inditex CMA

Grupo Inditex, honorary member in 2012

In the year 2012, the Inditex Group was nominated a partner of honor of the CMA for very specific actions to reach the energy efficiency demonstrating its commitment to the environment: sustainable store construction, use of materials that respect the environment, support environmental projects etc.

In addition, the company has always been committed toGalicia, with its materials and Galician companies.

Download the dossier of Inditex in pdf