What we do

The Cluster da Madeira de Galicia (CMA) was established in 2001 on the initiative of the companies related to the timber with theWoodTechnologyCenter(CIS Madeira) and theUniversityofVigo.

Since its inception, the CMA brings together companies and agents involved in the whole value chain of wood, comprising companies involved in logging, sawmills , veneer and panel business, carpentry and furniture companies and services.

At present, consists of about 50 companies acrossGalicia, with a wood industry pioneer in the development of products domestically and internationally, as well as companies that are leaders in design and innovation.

- Acts as a dynamic agent of all project partners, collaborating in the development of both sectoral initiatives and initiatives in different areas of business.

- Discloses business and professional activities developed by its partners, spreading the proceedings, studies and activities carried out by those.

- Coordinates institutional relations and acts as liaison with authorities and institutions in seeking support for projects and activities of interest to its members.

- Helps improve the qualification and training of partners, promoting, coordinating and teaching courses, seminars and training programs.

- It acts as a tool for gathering and transmitting of information of interest to Cluster member companies.

- Coordinates with the media, dissemination of the purpose of the cluster, promoting improved perception of society regarding their activities and associates.

- Establishes relationships with entities pursuing similar purposes (associations, clusters, etc.)

- Collaborates with its technology partner, CIS -Madera, to increase the technological training and the level of innovation in product and process of the Cluster partners, promoting the execution of collaborative projects, specific technical formation, etc.

- Co-participates with other associations Timber Sector in implementing strategic actions and if required, in institutional lobbying.