The CMA is composed of the following organs:

The General Assembly

It is the sovereign organ of the Association is composed of all associate members. At the national court to the approval of the accounts, the annual report, and the appointment of Board.

The Board

It is composed of10 members and the management, which have the power to agree and represent the CMA in all the specific acts constituting the corporate purpose of the Professional Association.

The Presidency

In order to represent the CMA in any act or contract prior to the relevant resolution of the Board.

Board of Directors

President: José Manuel Iglesias Vilas

Vice-president: Celestino Vázquez Estraviz

Vice-president: Óscar Villapol Fernández

Secretary: César García Porto

Treasurer: Alfredo rodríguez Rego

Vocal: Juan A. Rodríguez Díaz

Vocal: José Blanco Ferrnández

Vocal: Natalia Hermida Rodríguez

Vocal: José Benigno Ogando Mouriño

Vocal: José Carballo García

Management: Ricardo González Iglesias

CIS Madeira: Sonia Pazos Álvarez

Operationally, the Cluster da Madeira de Galiciais divided into the following departments:


José Manuel Iglesias Vilas


Ricardo González Iglesias


Susana Vázquez López

 Lignumfacile and Communication Manager

Laura Rodríguez González