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The Cluster da Madeira de Galicia (CMA) was established in 2001 on the initiative of the companies related to the timber with theWoodTechnologyCenter(CIS Madeira) and theUniversityofVigo.

Since its inception, the CMA brings together companies and agents involved in the whole value chain of wood, comprising companies involved in logging, sawmills , veneer and panel business, carpentry and furniture companies and services.

At present, consists of about 50 companies acrossGalicia, with a wood industry pioneer in the development of products domestically and internationally, as well as companies that are leaders in design and innovation.

- Acts as a dynamic agent of all project partners, collaborating in the development of both sectoral initiatives and initiatives in different areas of business.

- Discloses business and professional activities developed by its partners, spreading the proceedings, studies and activities carried out by those.

- Coordinates institutional relations and acts as liaison with authorities and institutions in seeking support for projects and activities of interest to its members.

- Helps improve the qualification and training of partners, promoting, coordinating and teaching courses, seminars and training programs.

- It acts as a tool for gathering and transmitting of information of interest to Cluster member companies.

- Coordinates with the media, dissemination of the purpose of the cluster, promoting improved perception of society regarding their activities and associates.

- Establishes relationships with entities pursuing similar purposes (associations, clusters, etc.)

- Collaborates with its technology partner, CIS -Madera, to increase the technological training and the level of innovation in product and process of the Cluster partners, promoting the execution of collaborative projects, specific technical formation, etc.

- Co-participates with other associations Timber Sector in implementing strategic actions and if required, in institutional lobbying.

Distribution Sub-Sector Partners 

Distribution of members by province 


Avant Strategic Plan

The Cluster da Madeira deGalicialaunches AVANT 2012-2015 Strategic Plan that sets the actions to take for the next four years. The main lines of action that includes this Plan focus on internationalization and the promotion of collaborative projects between the companies associated with CMA. Thus, special efforts will be made to launch concrete initiatives to help companies to go abroad and to seek new ways of marketing to try to reach the market from manufacturing.

You can download more information on the following link:

Plan Estratégico CMA Avant 2015

Mission and Values

The CMA is a business entity with a dual mission:

To strengthen the structure of companies in the cluster providing them competitive advantages through cooperation mechanisms, and putting in value of their products like natural elements, recyclable, sustainable, helping to improve comfort and quality of life.

The CMA is defined as an open and inclusive organization for all companies in the value chain of wood, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of their competitiveness, leveraging the synergies, the sharing of experience and knowledge of the mechanisms supportive and cooperative networking.


The CMA is composed of the following organs:

The General Assembly

It is the sovereign organ of the Association is composed of all associate members. At the national court to the approval of the accounts, the annual report, and the appointment of Board.

The Board

It is composed of 13 members and the management, which have the power to agree and represent the CMA in all the specific acts constituting the corporate purpose of the Professional Association.

The Presidency

In order to represent the CMA in any act or contract prior to the relevant resolution of the Board.

Board of Directors

President: José Manuel Iglesias Vilas

Vicepresident: Celestino Vázquez Estraviz

Vicepresident: Óscar Villapol Fernández

Treasurer: Alfredo Rodríguez Rego

Secretary: César García Porto

Vocal: Juan A. Rodríguez Díaz

Vocal: José Blanco Fernández

Vocal: Natalia Hermida Rodríguez

Vocal: José Benigno Ogando Mouriño

Vocal: José Carballo García

Management: Ricardo González Iglesias

CIS Madeira: Sonia Pazos Álvarez

Operationally, the Cluster da Madeira deGaliciais divided into the following departments:


José Manuel Iglesias Vilas


Ricardo González Iglesias


Susana Vázquez López

Lignumfacile and Communication Manager

Laura Rodríguez González

CMA’S Honorary members

In 2009, the Cluster da Madeira deGaliciaestablished figure honorary member to highlight advocacy and commitment to the use of wood by individuals, institutions or business groups.

So far, the CMA has 5 honorary members who have opted for this natural material

 Otero Pombo CMA

Xosé Otero Pombo, honorary member in 2009 

The first honorary member of the CMA could not be another person as Xosé Otero Pombo, for their valuable work and commitment in promoting the use of wood as a building material throughout his long career.

Otero Pombo has in the wood one of the fundamental axes on which his works rest.

Download the dossier of his work in pdf


Xosé Lois Martínez, honorary member in 2010

Architect and researcher at theUniversityofA Coruña, Xosé LoisMartinezhas in the wood a reference in his works , both professional and academic. Impeller and defender of numerous projects realized in this material.

In addition, Lois Xosé was characterized by performing a defense convinced of this material in all his public speeches.

 Consorcio de Santiago CMA

Consorcio de Santiago de Compostela, honorary member in 2011

In its third edition, the recognition of honor partner went to the Consortium of Santiago de Compostela for having in the wood a reference in the rehabilitation of historic buildings and promotes making a defense convinced of this material to society.

The Consortium has transmitted a perfect importance for building a historic city sustainable and respectful of the environment and promotion of new personalities that are committed to this material.

 Inditex CMA

Grupo Inditex, honorary member in 2012

In the year 2012, the Inditex Group was nominated a partner of honor of the CMA for very specific actions to reach the energy efficiency demonstrating its commitment to the environment: sustainable store construction, use of materials that respect the environment, support environmental projects etc.

In addition, the company has always been committed toGalicia, with its materials and Galician companies.

Download the dossier of Inditex in pdf

Key figures of the sector

- The combined turnover of the wood industry and furniture inGaliciaamounts to 1,625 million euros, representing a decrease of 4.5 % compared to 2011

- The sector comprises 3,000 enterprises that are distributed throughoutGalicia, generating wealth especially in less industrialized environments. In more than twenty counties, this industry is among the top three industrial sectors by employment generated

- Direct employment is 20,000 and 50,000 indirect workers. The 6.6 % of the active population ofGaliciawork in this sector

- Exports of wood, pulp and furniture ofGaliciareach 688 million euros

- The wood industry and furniture accounts for 3.5 % of the GDP of Galicia

The timber industry in Galicia

-Galiciais the ninth largest European forestry sector leading national

- 50% of the wood cut inSpaincomes from the Galician mountains

- The Galician timber industry represents 3.5 % of the PIB of the community

- In a score of regions, the timber industry accounts for 25 % of industrial employment

-Galiciahas an industry pioneer in the development of products domestically and internationally

- This leadership extends to furniture and woodwork whichGaliciahas companies that are leaders in design and innovation

The timber industry is at 2009 levels

- In 2012, the combined turnover of the wood industry and furniture inGaliciaamounted to 1,625 million euros

- With regard to the results obtained by secondary processing industry, wood and furniture, these stood at 396 million euros

Turnover development of the timber industry Galician

Key figures of the sector 2012

- The sector comprises 3,000 enterprises, distributed throughoutGalicia.

- Direct employment is 20,000 and 50,000 indirect workers. The 6.6% of the active population works in this sectorGalicia.

- Exports of wood, pulp and furnitureGaliciaexceed 688 million euros.

2012 Wood Chain

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